Annual Round-Up


(Taken from a Lloydminster newspaper)

The annual spring and summer Cattle Round-up of Hines Brothers of Streamstown, assumed the proportions of a mammoth picnic, when people from all over the district gathered at the newly-acquired lease of Scotty and Howard, in the vicinity of Frog Lake, to watch the spectacle of the branding of hundreds of spring calves.

Known affectionately throughout the area as "the last of the old-time cowboys", Scotty and Howard and their hospitable wives were blessed with a perfect summer day for the event and young and old enjoyed it thoroughly. There was fun and excitement everywhere—mountains of delectable food—horses to ride—beautiful scenery and swimming in lovely Clearwater Lake.

The site of the Round-up was the new lease of the Hines Brothers—just under 5000 acres—and the menfolk of the family have spent a good part of the summer fencing the land, which once was the scene of the Frog Lake Massacre, and making it ready for the 500-odd head of cattle now running on it.

The corrals were full of mooing, bawling calves and their mothers, and one Lloydminster spectator who knows little of Round-ups, but is an ardent baseball fan, figured all that terrific noise was being wasted and was heard to remark that he wished they could bring them to the ball games where they would be useful in "booing the umpire."