Mathison's Garage


by Winnie (Maddex) Mathison

Norman bought the garage in Heinsburg from Morley Neil in the fall of 1935. He batched there until we were married in December of 1936. We lived in rooms attached to the garage for almost a year, then bought a house from Raymond Reishus, living in it until moving to Vancouver in January, 1942. We had two girls, Elaine and Marion, born while we were at Heinsburg.


Some of the men who worked for Norman in the garage' were John Moore, Randolph Mathison, Halvor Johre, John McLaren, Eugene Martin, Ralph Crook, Roy McDonald and Bill Lorenson, who slept in the garage in winter and was a wonderful friend and helper all the time we were in town. The men worked long hours. The lights and power for the town were supplied from an engine and batteries at the garage. This was shut off at midnight. Someone always seemed to need a gallon of gas at 4:00 a.m.; they could scarcely pay for it. Since money was almost non-existent most of the customers came to our home for dinner.