Post Office Frog Lake - Martin

1RWiconweb_65.gifMail addressed to the early settlers had to be picked up at Lea Park. After post offices were opened at Frog Lake and Norway Valley the mail was hauled by team from Lea Park to Mooswa. Fishing Lake and Reserves were patrons of Frog Lake P.O. Early mail carriers included Martin Grasdal, Ole Tweed, Walter Johnson, and William F. Stults. Harry Bowtell and Bruce Bowtell brought the mail from Heinsburg to Frog Lake after the railroad came in.

Rural Route 1 (R.R.1) was formed in 1949. Walter Sawak delivered mail to the boxes; when Walter's contract expired it was put up for tender and Benny Kates obtained the contract. He hired Merton Raymond until Mert passed away in 1968. Oscar Vinge was next carrier, until his health failed in 1974. After Benny retired the contract was taken over by Mike Nychyporuk. His carrier was Mrs. Alma Twarog and presently Mrs. Rosemary Vinge.