Past and Present


By Jean Kinch


On looking back to days gone by

There is no pleasing every one,

Things so good in Father's day

Are displeasing to his son.

The councillor and his helpers

Long have listened to complaints,

He who dares to stand as candidate

A much brighter picture paints.

The old municipal government

St. Paul County it became,

But government is government

Whatever be its name.

The little country school house

That served each district well.
Has been centralized at Heinsburg

Is it better? Time will tell.


The "Powers That Be" now tell us

A metric system must be used,

But cooks who learned some years ago

Will never be enthused.

Old folks find grams and meters

To be a fearful drag,

The young will take it in their stride
As they did the change of flag.


Along the North Saskatchewan River
West of Heinsburg to Lea Park,

Where ferries plowed the waters
From daylight until dark.

Of spring and autumn crossings
Many tales are left untold,


The dangers and the hardships

None but the river can unfold.

A bridge is built at Heinsburg now
One for crossing at Lea Park,

Strong men no longer answer calls

For the ferry after dark.

The Indian and the Whiteman?

Both have cultures to preserve,
Those men of both sides passed away

Who mapped out the reserve.


Perhaps the differences of opinion

Have been shown in broader light,

Where each has found expression

PatIn "Land of Red and White".

Past and present intermingled

Tis hoped each reader found delight,

And renewed some old acquaintances
In "Land of Red and White".