Frog Lake School

1RWiconweb_66.gifA homesteader by the name of Ed Durett built the Frog Lake School on S.E. -24-56-4-W4th, a portion of David Bristow's homestead, in 1913. Some early teachers were Mr. A. Varnum, Mr. Abbot, Miss Linda Richter, Alex E. Peterson, Johnny Rhule, Harry Banks, Miss Ruth Zeigen­bine. Teachers boarded at David Bristow's and Jack McGowan's until a teacherage was built some time after the school was moved from the David Bristow homestead to N.E. 23-56-4-W4th, around 1923.


From then on some of the teachers were Miss M. McManus, Miss Redigg, Miss Gertrude Weeks, Ben Richard­son, Mr. Murray, Miss Mabel Hall, Miss Kathleen Currie, Miss Muriel Gardiner, Mrs. Harold Brown a supervisor, and Mr. White. In 1948 we took a step out of the pioneering era when our one-roomed school was centralized in Heinsburg.