Lake Whitney School 1932 - 1935


by Myrtle (McGowan) McMullen

After attending Normal School in 1929-30 I taught the next term at Rimbey. The following three years were spent at Whitney, terms which I certainly enjoyed. We had a pro­gram every Friday and I can still hear Donald Lorenson singing, "Come-a-ki-yi-yippy-yippy-ya." I also remember the happy times when I took the whole school down to the lake for a swim. I'd be afraid to do that any more for fear of one of them drowning. Never used to think of that in those days. We had a real good ball team and used to chal­lenge other schools. Fred Maxwell was an outstanding play­er. His dad used to throw the ball right at him so hard. I guess that's why he learned to catch so well. The year that the team picture was taken Ileen Blair passed her Grade IX with honors.

My teaching in Heinsburg began January 5, 1943 and ended in June, 1945. That first six months I had Grades I - VII, the next term Grades I - VIII, and the last Grades Ito VI. Una, our daughter, started with me that 1944 - 45 term, and the next year I had her in Grade II at Ellsworth.