Confrontation at Frog Lake


Researching of different materials produces different findings. Such seems to be the case with the two sources dealing with Frog Lake and its background. According to the book Place Names of Alberta (1928) Frog Lake, 57-3-4, was shown on a Palliser map of 1859 and was described as a translation of the Cree name Ayek.

A letter from the Provincial Archives of Alberta gave us this report. "The name Frog Lake, the lake, itself, is a translation of the Cree Ah-Yik sa-kha-higan, and it appears on maps at least as far back as 1863, which would indicate that it was well-known then. The settlement grew up around a Hudson Bay Company trading post founded in 1883, but there was also a sub-agency of the Indian Department, as well as a Roman Catholic Mission. All of these establishments catered to the needs of the Indians in the vicinity, and as a result a settlement appeared."