Swimming Lessons Whitney Lake


In October 1955 Mr. Gilmet spoke at the Red Cross meeting about Swimming and Water Safety. Any candidate over the age of sixteen who was an above-average swimmer could be recommended by the Red Cross to take a course in Swimming and Life Saving at Edmonton. Registration fee was $10. for fifty-five hours of instruction. Train fare both ways, lodging and meals would be paid for, and on completion of the course the candidate was to teach in his or her community.

Jan. 1956 - Doris Wiegerinck was candidate for the course. In April she spoke on: Swimming Campaign, letting it be known that a pier must be built, material would cost approximately $15, and volunteer labor was expected. June 1957 - St. Paul Municipal District granted the Red Cross permission to build a pier at Whitney Lake. The pier used last year had been removed and planks stored away. A committee was formed. However, the Salt Plant decided to build two piers and improve the beach as their project, and Mrs. Elaschuk was appointed to approach the Union for permission to use a pier as posted on the Red Cross schedule. Doris Wiegerinck was to take full charge of instructions, and others were to work under her supervision. Her room and board was to be provided by the community.

In 1959 Ray Hellquist became instructor and a registration fee of one dollar was to be charged. In 1961 Bob Smith was appointed chief instructor, and instructors for that year were Karen Buck and Ronnie Sheplawy, who were both underage. 1965 - The pier was damaged, so each district started a pier fund, and the registration fee was raised to $1.50. 1967 - Instructor received $200., and by 1968 plans for a new pier were definitely under way. By then there were 224 pupils. Three instructors were hired, and in 1969 another instructor was added. 1971 - Had two sessions, and Manpower helped with the financing. A planning committee was formed including Laverne Wilson, Margaret Modin, Velma Andrishak, Georgina Morris and Anne Nelson. 1973 - Pier fund had reached $1,731.15 and construction was begun. By 1975 the instructors were receiving $275. each.

Other instructors throughout the years included Daniel Zarowny, Janice Andrishak, Dean Stults, Doreen Sheplawy, Marsha Lorenson, Bob Keller, Dave Zarowny, Kathie Nelson, Bernard (Bud) Maddex, G. Meiklejohn, Anne Nelson, Kerry McKillvery, Laverne Wilson, Lila Wilson, Garth Horton, Rock Sharkey, Sandra Lorenson, Pat Pynten, Terry Rae, Lisa Cooke, and Kathie Hines.