Frog Lake News



The following news column, taken from an Alberta Farm Journal of August 31, 1927 was sent to us by Mrs. Audrey Willmer of Elk Point.

The weather has not been very warm during the week and grain is not ripening very fast, especially late grain.. Wheat harvest is in full swing now. Frost damage is found to be much greater that was at first estimated, and it is found now that there are only a few fields that escaped some damage. Oats and barley do not show any damage. Harvest help is not very plentiful, but farmers are doing most of their own work. The tractors are still busy doing new breaking, the continued wet weather making it possible to break late into the season. A heavy rain on Saturday stopped all haying and harvesting operations over the weekend.

The election was held in the Frog Lake schoolhouse on Saturday, August 20, when a vote was taken on the question of a municipal hospital at Elk Point. The votes at Frog Lake poll were 47 in favor of the hospital and two against. Complete returns are not yet available.

Frank Bowtell of Lacombe is spending his vacation with his brothers here. His mother is also enjoying her holidays here. Mrs. George Dewey has been quite ill for some time past. Nellie Bristow returned from the hospital on Friday, where she had undergone an operation for appendicitis.