Frog Lake School

1RWiconweb_66.gifA homesteader by the name of Ed Durett built the Frog Lake School on S.E. -24-56-4-W4th, a portion of David Bristow's homestead, in 1913. Some early teachers were Mr. A. Varnum, Mr. Abbot, Miss Linda Richter, Alex E. Peterson, Johnny Rhule, Harry Banks, Miss Ruth Zeigenbine. Teachers boarded at David Bristow's and Jack McGowan's until a teacherage was built some time after the school was moved from the David Bristow homestead to N.E. 23-56-4-W4th, around 1923.


From then on some of the teachers were Miss M. McManus, Miss Redigg, Miss Gertrude Weeks, Ben Richardson, Mr. Murray, Miss Mabel Hall, Miss Kathleen Currie, Miss Muriel Gardiner, Mrs. Harold Brown a supervisor, and Mr. White. In 1948 we took a step out of the pioneering era when our one-roomed school was centralized in Heinsburg.