The Frog Lake Cairn

1RWiconweb_333.gifThe cairn was built by Mr. Floyd Fry and his son Gordon. Floyd was the son of John and Susan Fry, early pioneers of the Frog Lake district. Presently, in 1975, the neatly kept graves, still marked by iron crosses, and the cairn are enclosed within a small page wire fence. The places outside the enclosure where the men fell are marked. The trenches and cellars can be seen, although they are fast becoming filled with nature's decay of almost a century.

Part of the historic site, including some of the trenches and cellars was contained in the farm owned by Fred and Abe Granger, until the Dep't of Lands and Forests, Provincial Parks Branch, purchased that portion of N.E. 10-56-3-W4, from Fred in 1961. It was then incorporated with the rest of the massacre grounds and rightfully designated for the people of Canada.