Edward Captain BC (Barney)

1RWiconweb_346.gifSMILE -

submitted by Therase Craige

Smile, and the world smiles with you,

Knock and you go alone,

For the cheerful grin

Will let you in

Where the kicker is never known.

Growl, and the way looks dreary,

Laugh, and the path is bright,

For the welcome smile

Brings sunshine, while

A frown shuts out the light.

Sing and the world's harmonious,

Grumble, and things go wrong,

Yet all the time

You're out of rhyme

With the busy, bustling throng.

Kick, and there's trouble brewing,

Whistle and life is gay,

And the world's in tune

Like a day in June

And sorrow will melt away.

-------- -----------

I copied this off a card that Captain B.C. (Barney) Edwards used for announcing his auctioneering nearly fifty years ago. Barney, father of Neal Edwards, was local auctioneer in this area for many years.

A Further Note:

In July 1946 Barney and his wife, Elizabeth, moved next to the Edsel Jones family, south of the river at Heinsburg. When the house burned they moved into a building on the end of Bob Maxwell's lot in Heinsburg. While there Elizabeth did sewing and tailoring. Barney continued to enjoy innumerable cigars and in summer liked to go fishing at Ross Lake. When they left Heinsburg they moved to Chilliwack, B.C. Barney passed away in 1964, Elizabeth in 1972.