Many years ago people from Vermilion, Islay, Kitscoty and Lloydminster camped at Laurier. At the site of our farm buildings a tennis court was set up. Canvas straps were stapled down to lay out a court and a net was strung. We also rented boats and had a building stocked with goods to sell to campers. Pop obtained what was called "15" at the end of the lake through the Soldier Settlement Board and could file on another quarter. Bill Gregor later got "15" for a resort and his location as well as ours was operating.

Tragedy struck one Sunday. A minister from Lloydminster had been conducting a boys' camp. He allowed them to have one last swim before going home and a boy drowned west of the wooden bridge. Because he couldn't swim he would row a boat for those who would jump out when they reached deeper water. He would then row back to shallower water where he could stand with his head above the water. He may have stepped in a hole for he was in the water about a half hour before it was noticed that he was missing.

City Slicker: Sir, if I cut through this field, will I be able to catch the 6:30 train?

Farmer: If my bull sees you, you'll be able to catch the 5:30 train!