by Marvin Bjornstad

After the birth of the Province of Alberta in 1905, settlement really got started. The CPR railway came from North Battleford to Vermilion and on to Edmonton in 1905. The land survey was well enough along for quite a bit of land to open up.

We focused our pages here on the development and growth of the communities around Heinsburg and Frog Lake that started with the first early pioneers in 1905, then settlement made another jump around 1911, followed by quite a bit of growth in the early 1920s.

In the late 1920s the railway arrived making considerable changes to the economy of the whole area.

This Growth section of the web site focuses on the development of the local communities including Frog Lake Reserve, Frog Lake-Martin, Heinsburg, Lake Whitney, Primula, Norway Valley, Sputinow (Fishing Lake), and Acomb. It includes articles about the development of schools, stores, post offices, community halls  and other amenities of the growing country as well asorganizations and groups that sprang up to meet the needs of community members.

Stories about individuals and families in each community are grouped into the family section. We hope both families, organizations and businesses will feel free to add to the stories collected in 1975 as well as add comments to the stories now here. We will also make special photo gallery pages available for adding more photos to the site.