Heinsburg School 1944 - 1945

1RWiconweb_173.gifby S.G. KALITA (OCTOBER 1974)

I am presently Vice-Principal of Guthrie School, CFB Edmonton, but live in St. Albert. I was principal of Heinsburg School for the one term 1944-45. Names of such students as Eric Horton, Walter Buck, Sydney Kates and Peter Lypowy come to mind, among many others. My wife and I lived in a suite in the hotel, which had three owners that year — the Chartiers, the Bartosheks and the Bucks. Tuesdays (market days) and Saturdays were busy days at the bar, and often we were called upon to help out. Some of the activities during that year that come to mind are: Board of Trade, very active for railway to Frenchman's Butte; "box socials" at the Legion Hall (Remember those? ); Frog Lake stampede - everybody went to the event; fishing for goldeye in the river, or for perch and pike at Lake Whitney.