Boucher Sam

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-information gathered from various friends and neighbors

In 1925 a bachelor by the name of Sam Boucher drove from the south, near the border, to the Heinsburg district. He came driving a 1924 Dodge sports touring car. He settled on the N.E. 456-4-4, south of the John Heins quarter and began earning his living as a farmer. He was of German descent, a quiet-mannered man who never got excited. Once when Donald Rainey was working for him an engine they were using refused to start. Many men would have lost patience but Sam said to Donald, "Come on in and have a drink of juice. What kind would you like?" He always bought juice by the case. "Maybe by then," he said, "the engine will go."

Mr. Boucher was a frequent visitor at the McGowan home at Frog Lake. He used to come out on a Sunday and take Jack for a drive. Once when he was hailed out George McGowan said to him, "You shouldn't have much trouble taking your crop off this year." Sam replied, "Well, George, I don't know what I'll do with all my money — I don't have to buy twine and I'll have no threshing expenses." Pete Bosvik often helped him on the farm. Pete's brother George says that Sam told him that while he, Sam, was in the Klondike Gold Rush he met Charlie Chaplin up there. Charlie was very quiet and moved slowly, nothing like he was pictured in the silent movies. Charlie told Sam that he saw lots of rush but not much gold up there.

Mr. Boucher spent the winters in Arizona, U.S.A., except for two that he spent in Kelowna, B.C. He didn't like Vancouver weather, said it was too damp. However he spent part of a winter with Norman and Winnie Mathison out there. He was very kind-hearted. They all went on a trip and Mr. Boucher refused to let them pay for a thing. He purchased S.E. 4-56-4-4 intending to make his home there. He planted spruce trees along the east fence but he never lived there. He left the district during the second World War after selling the land to Glad Horton. A young couple, David and Amy Anne Bullock, currently live there.