Bristow David A

1RWiconweb_92.gifDAVID A. BRISTOW

- by Frank Bristow

David A. Bristow was born in Grey County, Ontario, January 31, 1888. In 1900 he moved with his father to Okotoks, Alberta. He worked with his father till he got the urge to go homesteading. He came to Frog Lake in 1910 and homesteaded the N.W. 1/4 19-56-3-W4th.

August 1st, 1916 he married Nellie Martin. They didn't have any children. Dave was a hard worker; he broke about 130 acres of that quarter with horses. That time it was free range and he raised quite a few head of cattle. He and his wife did a lot of horseback riding looking after the cattle. He quite often drove the cattle to the market at Kitscoty 40 miles away.

He always had the fattest horses in the country. He and his wife both loved animals and always had a variety of pets. He was the steam engineer for my dad and could line up the steam engine to the threshing machine quicker than most any one.

In 1940 he sold his farm to George McGowan and moved to 100 Mile House, B.C. He farmed and raised cattle there for a short while. His health was failing, so he sold out and moved to Mt. Lehman, where he passed away June 25, 1944. His wife died in 1956.