by Marvin Bjornstad

This section of the web site is devoted to the family stories of the Heinsburg - Frog Lake area. It includes family stories from the communites of the Frog Lake Reserves, Frog Lake - Martin, Heinsburg, Whitney Lake, Primula, Sputinow(Fishing Lake), Norway Valley and Acomb. The stories are organized in the same way they were in the original book Land of the Red and White in 1975.

We hope that families will feel free to add to the stories and update them, much time has passed since the original publication. We also will provide room for family picture galleries and new family pages for the new generations that came after the original families moving to the area.  Feel free to add your comments on the stories or add anecdotes if you knew someone in the family and have an interesting story to relate.

Note that due to some negative comments from trolls all comments are approved by a member of our group, the Elk Point Historical Society but are not verified for actual historical accuracy.