Johre Gjermund and Tone


Gjermund Johre was born at Dalen, Telemark, Norway on March 19, 1881. He died at his home in Alberta, Canada on December 9, 1930 and was buried at the Lea Park Pioneer Cemetery. Tone Johre was born at Skafso, Telemark, Norway, on April 9, 1878. She returned to her native Norway in October of 1938. She died at Bo, Telemark, Norway on December 17, 1972. To them nine children were born: Saavi, Olous, Markus, Gunnar, Barney, Halvor, Tom, Margit and Kristi.

In the spring of 1929 the farm at Dalen, Telemark, Norway was sold and in April they left Norway with their four youngest children, Kristi, Barney, Halvor and Tom, to migrate to Canada. They arrived at Norway Valley, Alberta on May 10, 1929. On July 12, 1929 the N.W. of 5-55-3-W4 was bought from the Canadian Pacific Railroad at a cost of $9.00 per acre to Gjermund S. Johre.