Grace's Song


by Grace (Botting) Meger

The words and melody for this song came to Grace about ten years ago while she was out to get the cows in the pines between her home and Laurier Lake.


Through the pines, through the pines,

I often did ride With my dog ever close to my side.

There's a trail through the trees, where the soft, scented breeze

Blew around in the Laurier Lake pines.

Yes, when I was a child, I grew up near the wild

Of a forest that I really knew.

With the sand 'neath my feet, there's no place that can beat

My home in the Laurier Lake pines.



Just come there and you will know

Why I love that country so.

There's a stillness that eases your mind.

You'll feel good beyond compare,

You'll feel God is everywhere,

That's my home in the Laurier Lake pines.

Now I never shall roam from this place

I call home For it holds many fond memories.

Of a horse and a dog, over many a log

Yes, that's my home in the Laurier Lake pines.


Grace's Home in 1976