Maddex Fred


by C.M. Maddex

The spring of 1929 Fred Maddex hauled lumber from Dewberry to Heinsburg and built a blacksmith shop north of Gregor's store. Here he blacksmithed until 1933. He rode horseback to Heinsburg, and back to his farm in Greenlawn every day. He broke in three saddle horses during these rides. In the spring of 1933 Gib. Nichols split the building in two parts and it was hauled to the Maddex farm south of the river, loaded on two sleighs and pulled by four horses. Fred and Mrs. Maddex moved back to Heinsburg in August 1937. They lived in a house they rented from Norman Mathison, which was originally owned by Raymond Reishus. Fred did veterinary work in Heinsburg and district until the fall of 1939 when he and Mrs. Maddex moved back to the farm.