Yacorzynski Kazimer and Marie


Marie and Kazimer Yacorzynski left Poland for the United States and from there to Canada. They filed on a homestead on June 25, 1910, N.W. 2-56-4-W4. Mr. J. Kowal helped build their first home, a log cabin with a sod roof.

Their family consisted of Ted, Leonard, Alice, George, and twin girls Alma and Amy. Two other children Benedict and Richard were born on the farm. The children attended local schools and although life was difficult, it appears to me that a great deal of love and happiness was enjoyed. So to this day there is still talk of the friendships made and the pleasures enjoyed while on the farm.

The Yacorzynski family left the farm and moved to Edmonton in 1918. Kazimer died in 1926 and Marie in 1959. All of the children, with the exception of Amy and Ted, are still living. Leonard, Ben, Richard, and Alma are Real Estate Brokers in California. George is a clinical psychologist with offices in Evanston, Illinois; Alice is living in California and is a housewife.