Gunderson Obert and Violet


I was born in 1906 in Lac Qui Parle County, Minnesota, U.S.A., the oldest of ten children. In the fall of 1911 my parents immigrated to Canada with their four children, Obert (myself), Gudrun, Selma and Walter, landing at Vermilion, Alberta, and finally settling in the Norway Valley district.

I stayed at home until I was eighteen, when I left and went to work in Dewberry, Marwayne and Hazeldine. While in Hazeldine, I met Violet Isert, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Isert, whom I later married. In 1929 I went to the United States and the next year to Juneau Alaska, working in the fish cannery to earn enough money to go to an automobile and welding school in Seattle. I then got a job in Lewiston, Idaho for approximately a year, after which I came back to Alberta where Violet and I were married at Mannville in 1933.


Our first home was in the country near Hazeldine. Later the house was moved into town. Our first daughter, June, was born in the Islay hospital. I worked as mechanic and welder in and around Marwayne and districts. We lived in Norway Valley for a time on the old homestead where I farmed. There were no phone lines so the neighbors hooked up phones on wire fences. June started school in Norway Valley with Gus Brocke as teacher. We spent a very happy time there among wonderful neighbors and friends.


Violet and Obert with grandchildren Rhonda Mix, April Gunderson, Darren Hotte, Marty Gunderson

Our only son, Dwight, was born in Elk Point Hospital and our youngest daughter, Barbara, in the Marwayne nursing home which had been previously built as a home by my dad, and where my folks lived for some time. Dwight started school in Marwayne and Barbara in Lloydminster.

I taught welding at a welding school in Edmonton, was in the construction business in Hay River, and now have settled in Edmonton. I am branch manager of a real estate firm. June married Ronald Mix of Vermilion. They have five children and live on an acreage near Edmonton. Dwight married Dolores Colin of Lac La Hache, British Columbia and they live on an acreage near Williams Lake, British Columbia. They have two children. Barbara married Norman Hotte of Edmonton. They have three children and live in Edmonton.